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A short History of the Family for the Younger Generation

By Hans Behrendt, translated to English by Stefan Behrendt

The family emerges in the middle of the 18th century in East Prussia, which then already belonged to the Kingdom of Prussia, and has resided there, and in West Prussia, which was annexed a few decades later, until around the end of the 19th century.

Considered as patriarch should be Bär Joachim Behrendt, born on 12/4/1754 and deceased only past 1843; the only one from whom his greatgranddaughter Margarete Zander nee Behrendt could have inherited something in longevity.

Who was the matriarch, already is a more doubtful question. A previous geneaology mentions, as such, Maria Behrendt nee Joseph, born on 14/1/1751. But if her date of birth - the date of her death is not known - is thus correct, the last ones of the many children ascribed to this married couple cannot be anymore from the same wife who should have been nearly 59 years old at the birth of the youngest daughter on 1/12/1809.

Thus it is even doubtful whether she was the mother of the son relevant here - David Behrendt - who was born in Stuhm on 15/4/1800 and died on 7/2/1864 in Marienburg; and had been married to Rosalie Behrendt (2/1/1801 - 27/12/1853).

He had five children; among them the son Jakob Behrendt born in 1834 and deceased on 25/5/1880 in Marienburg; who was married to Bertha Behrendt nee Kallmann (1840-1909). This married couple gave birth to 11 children within 15 years; of whom three died early in life, presumably of tuberculosis; a son, Bruno, as a 27-year old bachelor likewise of tuberculosis; and a daughter, Martha, who had also remained single and, support by her siblings, had resided for decades in a boarding house, died at the age of about 60 years. The remaining 6 children did get married and, altogether, produced 6 grandchildren. In sequence of age, they were:

1. Rosa Behrendt (19/11/1864-January 1932), married without children with Theodor Reach (1849-1932) who, however, had children from an earlier marriage.

2. David Behrendt (13/4/1866-13/12/1936) married to Adelheid (more accurately: Adele) Behrendt (5/4/1872-1/11/1950); had two children: Hans Behrendt, born on 11/2/1900, and Rudolf Behrendt, born on 15/5/1902.

3. Hugo Behrendt (20/10/1867-August 1937), of whom one son Georg Behrendt (born in 1897) now lives in East Berlin and who has a married son, an only child as his father, in Rheinland.

4. Ida Behrendt (15/10/1869-8/9/1931), who at the age of about 50 years had married Wintritz, a Board of Health official. He deceased a few years later, but had brought in two children from an earlier marriage: a son who later succumbed to the Holocaust, and a daughter Ruth who, after having lost her husband in the Holocaust, lives in New York with her daughter Ines.

5. Margarete Behrendt (1/10/1872-4/1/1963), married to Georg Zander (end of August 1872-14/6/1922), with two daughters:

a) Hilde Johanna Zander (born on 4/4/1904), married without children to Dr. Walter Kaeser (born in September 1896),

b) Ilse Johanna Zander (born on 12/11/1906); been married to the Hans Behrendt mentioned in 2).

6. Arthur Behrendt (1879-1941). He has a son, Ernst Behrendt (born in May 1910), who now lives in New York City or suburbs, who is married and has two children who have not yet reached adulthood.

The in 2) mentioned Adele Behrendt nee Ritter was the daughter of Emanuel Ritter (20/3/1830 - 8/6/1908) and Agnes Ritter nee Blumenreich (6/1/1846-3/6/1928). Her siblings were the physician, specialist for women's diseases, Dr. Fritz Ritter (20/2/1873-5/7/14) who had been married without children; and Harriet Ritter (25/9/1870-1941) from whose marriage with a considerably older Mr. Jacobi, who deceased around 1916, resulted:

a) Dr. Curt Jacobi (born on 4/9/1894), now a physician in Johannesburg, and

b) Heinz Jacobi (born on 26/7/1899), married without children and succumbed to the Holocaust together with his wife.

Hans Behrendt 27/4/63.

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