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1 A dentist Behrendt, Simon (I207)
2 According to:

Germany, addresses for Jews in Berlin (Mitgleidverzeichnis der Judischen Gemeinde zu Berlin), 1947.

He lived at: Berlin-Adlershof, Kaiser Wilhelmstr. 69 
Behrendt, Georg (I17)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Waldbaum, M.A. (I33)
4 Adopted Waldbaum, Audrey (I32)
5 Adopted. Cerva, S (living) (I41)
6 Businessman & citizen Behrendt, Bär Joachim (I1)
7 Businessman, delicatessan, inn owner Behrendt, Salomon (I47)
8 Daughter of Jacob Thalhimer and Monique Bettelheim. Thalhimer, Etta Anna (I92)
9 Daughter of Jakob Leyser and Metta Hoeninger. Leyser, Josephine (I89)
10 Father was Abraham Ziehmann. Ziehmann, Helene (I151)
11 Father was Louis Zander. Louis had 4 wives, and Georg was the son of the third wife. The third wife had two other children: Heinrich and Truddien. Truddien married a Mr. Haas and perished in a concentration camp. Louis' fourth wife was named Analie. Analie had two children: Hans and Grete. Hans was the conductor who lived on a boat for many years before he was accepted to Australia. Grete perished in a concentration camp but her daughter was taken by a group to Australia to escape the Holocaust. She married a rabbi and emigrated to Israel. Zander, Georg (I14)
12 Father was Salomon Eisenstädt. Eisenstadt, Emma (I190)
13 Father was Samuel (Schmul) Abraham Westphahl (October 1750 - 10 Nov 1838). Mother was Sara (1762 - 2 Feb 1847). Both parents from Stuhm. Second oldest of 4 children. Westphahl, Rahel (I155)
14 Father was Samuel Itzig Itzig, Cäcilie (I149)
15 Footwear merchant Behrendt, Isaac Simon (I157)
16 From

"Elizabeth Jean Shandera, May 23, 1924-October 24, 2010, resident of San Jose, passed away peacefully on October 24, 2010. She touched everyone with her positive outlook on life. Elizabeth Jean English was born in Aberdeen, Washington. She graduated from Hoquiam High School, and from Washington State University. During World War II, Elizabeth proudly worked for Boeing as a mechanic, assembling and installing side gun ports on the B-17; later in her life, Elizabeth enjoyed going to air shows to see these airplanes that she helped build, and always impressed the young men flying and caring for these antique airplanes with her knowledge of how the aircraft were manufactured. After the war, she worked in retail as a buyer for Wolff's Department Stores in the Pacific Northwest, travelling all over the country. Later in life after raising her children, Elizabeth returned to retail for a time, working for Bergman's Department Store on Lincoln Avenue in Willow Glen. Elizabeth was an enthusiastic volunteer worker for politicians and causes she believed in. She was a dedicated supporter of strong women candidates for office and was proud that she worked on the campaigns of California Assemblywoman Leona Egeland and of San Jose Mayor Janet Gray Hayes, the first woman to be the mayor of a major US city. She was an active member of the American Association of University Women, serving as chapter president, and was a lifelong supporter of education for women. Elizabeth believed that women should have successful and exciting career opportunities, and was very proud of her own accomplishments as well as of the women in her family who succeeded in banking, medicine and other careers many years before career women became more common. She volunteered for Head Start and other programs involving education. Elizabeth supported many causes and was particularly devoted to civil rights and women's issues, supporting gun control, opposing legislation which would limit women's rights to choice, supporting gay rights, supporting environmental legislation and other causes which she felt were important for the liberty, fairness, and happiness of her fellow Americans, and particularly American women. Many people fondly remember Elizabeth rolling her wheelchair in marches and demonstrations supporting these causes. At home, Elizabeth was an enthusiastic gardener, an inveterate puzzle solver, and an insatiable reader of any book she could get her hands on, fiction or non-fiction, current or classic. Elizabeth is survived by her sons Kirk Flatow of San Jose and Bruce Flatow of Santa Cruz, her sister Irene Street of Aberdeen, Washington and her sister-in-law Alma English of Seattle, Washington. She was preceded in death by her brothers Sam English and David English, both of whom she loved dearly and missed daily. Elizabeth would happily and proudly recount the adventures and achievements of her family to anyone. Elizabeth was also profoundly grateful to her long-term caregiver and friend Miliame Qoroya, who made Elizabeth's last years more full and joyful. Friends and family are invited to a service at the Stone Church in Willow Glen at 1937 Lincoln Avenue in San Jose at 2pm on Friday, November 19. In lieu of flowers, donations in Elizabeth's name are appreciated, to either your favorite charity, or to the Northern California MS Society" 
English, Elizabeth (I101)
17 From
(archived at

JACOBI, HANOCH (Heinrich; 1909?1990), Israeli composer, conductor, and string player. Born in Germany, he studied the viola and composition with Paul Hindemith at the Berlin Hochschule für Musik (1927?30). From 1930 to 1933 he played in the Grosses Orchester des Südwestdeutsche Rundfunk. In 1934 he emigrated to Ere? Israel and settled in Jerusalem where he joined the Jerusalem String Quartet (1934?9) and the Palestine Music Conservatory (1934?47), later the Jerusalem Academy of music, of which he became the director (1954?1958). In 1959, he moved to Tel Aviv, where he joined the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as a violist until 1974. After leading the Herzliyah String Quartet, he founded his own quartet. Jacobi was a conservative composer although the influence of his new homeland may be felt in his works. Among his popular compositions which were considered Israeli cultural symbols are the cantata Od Yavo Yom ("The Day Will Come," 1944), the Suite for Strings (1946); Kinnor Hayah le-David ("King David's Lyre") in honor of the birth of the state of Israel (1948); and Judean Hill Dance: Hora Variations (1952). During his later years, he wrote pedagogical compositions for string instruments based on Jewish tunes from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. He also wrote three symphonies (1944, 1955, 1960) and other orchestral works such as Partita concertanta (1971), Mutatio I (1975), Variations (1976), and Mutatio II (1977). 
Jacoby, Heinrich Hanoch (I302)
18 Grain merchant Behrendt, Joseph Moses (I181)
19 Had one son? Behrendt, Georg (I17)
20 Hans received his doctorate in law from the University of Rostock in 1922. He also attended the University of Breslau.

He grew up in Schubertstrasse 12 in Breslau. 
Behrendt, Hans (I21)

Behrendt Claudia Gabriela
Buenos Aires - Florida - (1602)
Carlos Pelegrini Nro: 1670 
Behrendt, Claudia Gabriela (I406)
22 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Scurrah, C.A. (I348)
23 In 1898, living in Breslau. Behrendt, Paul (I168)
24 Less than one year old when passed away. Behrendt, Unknown (I24)
25 Lived less than one year. Behrendt, Grete (I62)
26 Married name is Marianne Behrendt-Fournier
Violinist in Paris 
Behrendt, Marianne (I373)
27 May have emigrated to US in 1859. Flatow, Bernhard (I73)
28 Merchant, delicatessen owner, inn keeper. Behrendt, Simon (I50)
29 More information about Fritz can be found at -
(archived at

Here is a Google translate version of this -

Behrendt was born as the son of the dentist Simon Behrendt (* 1838) and his wife Selma b. Kanter (1857?1923) born in Königsberg. He came from a Jewish family (his grandfather Joseph Behrendt was a member of the Chewra Kadischa). [3] He married Marie Stranz (1886?1961) around 1906 in Berlin. The couple had four children, Peter Paul (* 1907 in Berlin-Steglitz; ? 1990 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Charlotte Johanna Martha "Lotte", married Carrive (* 1909 in Breslau; ? 2002 in France), Lisbeth "Liesl" , married Mayer (* 1916 in Breslau; ? 2002 in Lima, Peru) and M. [4] [5] [6] [7]

Behrendt studied at the Technical University of Charlottenburg and at the Technical University of Munich, a. a. with Friedrich von Thiersch. At the beginning of the 20th century he worked as a freelance architect, he built a. a. a villa for the art collector Carl Sachs (1868?1943) in Breslau-Kleinburg. [8] In the spring of 1904 he was appointed government master builder (Assessor of the building trade). [9] In 1909 he was hired by the Wroclaw City Council, later promoted to building inspector and then to building councilor. After the First World War he was head of the city expansion office of the city of Wroclaw (city planning director), which coordinated the planned incorporation and development of the neighboring rural communities and the city of Deutsch-Lissa. On March 1, 1928, he was elected to the city council of Wroclaw as a city council with no portfolio. [10] On April 18, 1929, he was appointed to the post of city building council, which he held until January 31, 1934 (law on the reconstruction of the empire).

In 1939 Behrendt emigrated to Argentina with his wife and three of his adult children. The daughter Lotte stayed in Europe; she married the French surrealist and Kafka translator Jean Carrive from Bordeaux in 1934. [11]

In his role as a construction officer, Behrendt designed public buildings, mainly school buildings. The duties and powers of the city building council also included overseeing all construction projects in the city. Research into the archive shows that Behrendt personally checked more important building plans and provided them with green entries. For example, he cut down the southern tower of the post office on Klosterstrasse. Furthermore, the five-storey version of the high-rise building for the Werkbundsiedlung in Breslau planned by Adolf Rading goes back to his intervention. The Werkbund exhibition itself took place under heavy resistance from Behrendt. [12]

Behrendt, Fritz (Federico) (I315)
30 No children Behrendt, Ida (I9)
31 No children Behrendt, Martha (I11)
32 Occupation: Merchant Behrendt, David (I15)
33 Parent were Emanuel Ritter, born 1830, died 9 Jun 1908 in Bytom and Agnes Blumenreich, born 1846 died in Stettin 3 June 1928.

2 siblings: Dr. Fritz (1873-1914) and Harriet Jacobi (25 Sep 1870 - 1941). Harriet had 2 children: Dr. Curt Jacobi (born 1894) and Heinz (born 1899). 
Ritter, Adelheid (I16)
34 Parents are Moses Samuel Müller (1755 - 1842) and Anna (1767 - 1834), both from . Oldest child of 9. Mueller, Helena (I48)
35 Per German Towns Project (JewishGen)
Resident of Gießen; moved to Gießen 24-Sep-1936; moved to Köln 16-Dec-1938 
Aron, Laura (I403)
36 Per German Towns Project -

Resident of Gießen; occupation: merchant; moved to Gießen 24-Sep-1936; moved to Köln 16-Dec-1938 
Behrendt, Leopold (I170)
37 Previous marriage to Jackie. Flatow, Peter (I106)
38 Previously married to Rosemarie Behrendt
born: 18 Dec 1936 in Berlin-Wilmersdorf
married: 29 Jul 1958 in Gottingen 
Behrendt, Stefan (I26)
39 Second marriage to Louis Martin Friedmann in about 1962.
Changed surname from Friedmann to Fern.

This is the same as the person in I20. 
Zander, Ilse Johanna (I27)
40 Second marriage to Louis Martin Friedmann in about 1962.
Changed surname from Friedmann to Fern.

This is the same as the person in I27. 
Zander, Ilse Johanna (I20)
41 Second Marriage to Tom Herold July 1979, divorced in 1981-82.
Third marriage to Michael Wells in about 1992. 
Flatow, Karen Joyce (I98)
42 Second marriage to Vera Davis Flatow in about 1985
Came to the US in 1933


Robert E. Flatow Jan. 31, 1924-May23, 2009 Resident of Hayward Robert served in the US Army. Beloved husband of Vera Davis Flatow. Robert is survived by his wife Vera and sons Bruce Flatow and Kirk Flatow. Friends and family are invited to the visitation, the evening of June 3, 2009, and memorial service on June 4, 2009, at 1:30 pm at the Chapel of the Chimes, 32992 Mission Boulevard, Hayward, CA. Chapel of the Chimes
Flatow, Robert (I91)
43 Second wife: Margarite married in 1933 in Berlin. Flatow, Erich (I85)
44 Second wife: Marie Morey Salls, born 4 Feb 1942 in Cabot, VT and married 18 Dec 1965 in Burlington, VT. Flatow, Walter (I90)
45 Second wife: Marye Gordon Huldrum, born 4 Dec 1915 in St. Louis, MO, married 24 Feb 1979 in Stamford, CT. Flatow, William (I93)
46 Son of Calvin Libby and Evelyn Gay Libby, Donald Dean (I112)
47 Son of Roy Brumit and Mary Gothard. Brumit, Thomas Edward (I140)
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Behrendt, R. (I25)
49 This is the same as the person in I167 Behrendt, Bertha (I84)
50 Thought to have had 2 children and a grandchild names Franz Behrendt. Behrendt, Simon (I49)

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