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This genealogy website is dedicated to tracing the descendants of the family patriarch Bär Joachim Behrendt (Behrend), a jew who was born in 1754, who lived in Stuhm in Prussia, and who originally adopted the family name Behrendt. (Find out where the Behrendt surname came from)

The family matriarch in this genealogy is in some question. Although Bär Joachim Behrendt was married to Maria Joseph at some point, it is unlikely that she is the mother of all (or perhaps any) of his children.

Bär Joachim Behrendt had 8 children. Decent family trees exist for two of them, David Behrendt, born in 1800, and his sister Henriette Behrendt, born in 1809.

Henriette Behrendt has left a large Flatow clan behind.

David Behrendt had six children. We have an almost complete genealogy for one son, namely Jakob Behrendt, born in 1834. Jakob Behrendt had 11 children, of whom 8 made it to adulthood.

Jakob Behrendt's children produced 6 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. The lines of 5 of the 6 great-grandchildren have been traced; one however we have not discovered yet.

The 5 known great-grandchildren have produced 9 children and 3 grandchildren (so far).

You can see the family tree at:
Behrendt Family Tree

Many thanks go to my grandfather Hans Behrendt (who wrote this for starting the work on our family tree, Peter Cullman who helped me start my genealogy research, and Sherry Libby for her research into the Flatow family.

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